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The theme around here this week has been first jobs. That awesome new feeling of getting paid for your time.

So far, we've heard about working in a women's clothing store, at an amusement park and as a census worker.

Today's first job...didn't last all that long. Today, Debra Morse is a closet designer and organizer. Her first paid job, though, was in a mall in Michigan, at a tiny trinket shop. Her hourly wage was $1.65.

"I was supposed to have the job working six hours a day, five days a week, for a period of three months," she said. "But instead I only worked for four hours."

Listen for the full tale in the audio above.

Morse is a Marketplace listener, and she sent her story in to us. Reply below, tweet us @marketplaceapm, or send an email to letters@marketplace.org with your own first job story.

Correction: The original article misspelled the first name of Debra Morse. The text has been corrected.