Samsung Electronics' new TVs use organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology, which allows a thinner display showing brighter and more vivid images than currently-dominant liquid crystal display or light emitting-diode panels. - 

As more viewers move to tablets, phones, and computers, television manufacturers are introducing all sorts of interesting, new features to catch the interest of consumers. At a big event in New York, Samsung unveiled a new set of high-end televisions that are available starting today.

The company's 55-inch Organic LED TV is big and bold. It also has a curved screen. They say it's more like watching in an arena. But if you think that sounds a bit strange, get this -- Samsung's OLED TV has sets of glasses with speakers attached so two people can watch separate programs on the same screen. Samsung Electronics executive vice president Joe Stinziano tells Marketplace Tech what makes these new TVs so special.

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