A McDonalds restaurant billboard targets a mostly-immigrant Spanish-speaking population in Los Angeles. - 

The 17 nations that use the European single currency are growing after a year and a half of contraction -- the longest period of economic downturn in Europe in the postwar period. The combined GDP for the euro zone countries was .3 percent higher than the first quarter of the year. While that growth rate is hardly impressive, it's better than economists expected.

The Hispanic Retail 360 Summit begsins in Las Vegas, Nevada  on Wednesday. The three-day conference is intended to help retailers to "tap into the $1 trillion Hispanic market." Expenditures on advertising in Hispanic media has tripled in the last decade, according to Ad Age. McDonald's, T-Mobile, and Proctor and Gamble spent more than a hundred million dollars in 2012.

It's international quiz time on the Marketplace Morning Report. Stephan Richter, editor-in-chief of the online international affairs magazine, The Globalist, brings us the question below. Today's question: With regard to the Global Competitiveness Report put out by the World Economic Forum each year, in which category does the United States rank first?

a. Competitiveness
b. Macroeconomic environment
c. Infrastructure
d. Things like health and primary education

To see the answer, click here.

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