In his persistent campaign to make New Yorkers healthier, Mayor Bloomberg wants people to take the stairs instead of the elevator. - 

China Labor Watch, a New-York based labor monitor, reports Chinese factories run by Apple supplier Pegatron are worse than Foxconn. The report, released on Monday, says three factories in Shanghai run by Pegatron totaled 36 legal violations, including excessive overtime, insufficient training, and underage workers. Shanghai-based author and Bloomberg columnist Adam Minter has visited more than a hundred Chinese factories. He says the mainstream media haven’t bothered to take a critical look at this report.

First it was smoking, then soda. Now New York City health-conscious mayor, Michael Bloomberg, wants to fight obesity by going after elevators. He's nudging architects to design buildings that encourage New Yorkers to take the stairs. But does this concept, called "active design," make business sense?

And what to expect from this week's revisions the GDP.

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