A heat map of hipsters in New York City according to Yelp Worldmaps. - 

Yelp has taken its stash of restaurant, bar, and retail review data and put it to work. Yelp Worldmaps, a series of heat maps across 11 different U.S. cities, show the geographical density for search terms "hipster," "pricey," "tourist", "yuppie," and more.

Here at Marketplace, we thought we'd take an (unscientific) look at the correlation between hipsters and money. Here goes...

New York: Hipsters

New York: Pricey

Chicago: Hipsters

Chicago: Pricey

Austin: Hipsters

Austin: Pricey

Boston: Hipsters

Boston: Pricey

Los Angeles: Hipsters

Los Angeles: Pricey

Washington D.C.: Hipsters

Washington D.C.: Pricey

Portland: Hipsters

Portland: Pricey


You can explore the rest of Yelp Worldmaps here.

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