Kids perform at a Plantronics group wedding.
Kids perform at a Plantronics group wedding. - 
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Mention the Mexican border and the factories or maquiladoras that operate there, and most Americans envision crowded sweatshops. In fact, some of the most innovative programs for blue-collar workers can be found at factories in Tijuana, Mexico.

Two maquiladoras stand out: Plantronics and DJO Global. Both manufacture products for parent companies based across the border in California. Plantronics makes telephone headsets; DJO Global manufactures orthopedic devices, like knee braces.

“The Cali-Baja region is at the forefront of a new revolution in terms of how to treat and how to think about your most valuable asset. That is, your people, your [human] resources,” says Eduardo Salcedo, vice president of operations for DJO Global in Mexico. “That’s leading a fundamental change in the way we approach benefits, work environment, and reciprocity with our personnel.”

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