The Notre Dame Fighting Irish mascot carries the school flag on the field before a football game.
The Notre Dame Fighting Irish mascot carries the school flag on the field before a football game. - 
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The market for college branded products is worth $4.6 billion every year. That’s sales of college-branded T-shirts, baby clothes, bumper stickers and shot glasses.

But none of those products have allowed people to smell like their alma mater.

Enter college-licensed perfumes.

Notre Dame has announced it will be coming out with its scent: ND Gold Eau de Toilette for men. And for women? Lady Irish.

“As people buy their merchandise and their shirts they’re going to buy everything with the brand on it,” says Eric Smallwood, a vice president with sports marketing firm Frontrow Marketing. “You want to live breathe and smell like the brand day in and day out.”

Smallwood says no other group of sports fans is as devoted as fans of college teams.

Notre Dame isn’t alone in taking advantage -- schools like Penn State, Auburn and the University of North Carolina also have plans to license aromas.

But what do the scents actually, you know, smell like?

“Geranium, lavender, iced juniper, white pepper,” according to Katie Masik is the CEO of, that’s what the perfume of the University of North Carolina smells like. Masik’s company created and sells many of the college scents. “We say ok, where is the school located geographically? Is it in the North, is it in the South? Is it near the beach?”

The college-licensed perfumes sell for about $60 per bottle.

So if your alma mater had its own scent, what would it smell like? We got some great responses on Twitter and Facebook this afternoon:

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