You can rejoice, Twinkie lovers. Hostess, the Twinkies maker, which went into bankruptcy to reorganize earlier this year, in part by firing 15,000 union workers, has announced the sugary treat will be back on store shelves by the ides of July. (AP)

7 to 1

In a 7-1 ruling, the Supreme Court decided to send a high-profile affirmative action case, Fisher v. University of Texas, back to the lower courts for a fresh look. (NYT)

Game 7

The Miami Heat's game 7 win over the San Antonio Spurs came in as the second-highest-rated NBA game to ever air on ABC. A 2010 game between the Lakers and the Celtics remains number one for the network. (Hollywood Reporter)


The Financial Times reports the pay of top bankers is trending downward: The paper calculates that average pay is down 10 percent for the CEO's of the 15 biggest banks. (We can't all be lucky number 7's.) (FT)

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