Do you know someone having trouble finding summer work?
Do you know someone having trouble finding summer work? - 
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Ahh, summer. A time for sun, vacations, and... work. For teens, getting a summer job is a way to gain experience and earn some cash. But they're not always fun jobs -- or good ones. We asked you on our Facebook page what your best and worst summer jobs were. Take a look at your responses:

For some teens, finding a summer job is easier when you know somebody. Or know somebody who knows somebody. That was the case with Catharine Hartnett's 15-year-old daughter, Delaney. Catharine helped her daughter land the job through friends in her women's field hockey league.

So why did Delaney want a job this summer?

"I'm actually getting a car when I turn 16 that was my brother's, so I'll have some gas money and money for a little extra stuff," says Delaney.

Catharine says she is excited about her daughter getting a job because in her family, people earn the extras that they want to have throughout the year.

But getting a job wasn't easy for Delaney. She applied at a diner, pizza place, and ice cream parlor -- but she wasn't old enough to do some of the work or things just didn't work out. With her mother's help, Delaney was able to land a job as a standardized patient for $15/hour.

"I pretend or I act like I'm a patient and medical students basically learn how to talk to me," says Delaney, who plans to save money for things that might catch her interest.

So does Catharine think finding a job was easier for her as a teen when she was growing up?

"When I was young, it was the late '70s and economic times weren't very good back then. I'm not sure it was all that easy back then," says Catharine.

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