It's been that many years since 84-year-old Ingvar Kamprad started the Swedish furniture company Ikea. Kamprad is stepping down from the company's board to be replaced by his son, Mathias. (BBC)


Nope, not the Roman numeral for 10, but rather the rating for porn. Google has tightened its adult content rules, which means the first-known dirty content app for Google Glass won't get approved in its present form. (LA Times)


The number of truckloads filled with Atari's "E.T." video game that the company reportedly dumped into a New Mexico landfill back in 1983. A Canadian gaming outfit is to confirm the story, and if true, dig it up. (Marketplace)


The percentage of ticket re-sales down from last year's American Idol Tour. (The Hollywood Reporter)


Americans prefer a U.S. Congress evenly divided between male and female members, as opposed to the current male majority. (Huffington Post)

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