It's your chance to be the boss. Who would you fire?
It's your chance to be the boss. Who would you fire? - 

The slacker.  The gossiper.  The loud talker.  The incompetent boss. 

Let's face it.  There's probably someone at your job who can make your day miserable and a little less productive.  The latest reality venture from the folks at FOX TV is capitalizing off this frustrating fact of office life with a series about giving workers the opportunity to fire their colleagues.  It's called "Does Someone Have To Go?" and it premieres on the network tonight.

Cris Abrego, executive producer of the series, recently chatted with Marketplace Money host Adriene Hill about the premise.

"It's really about office personnel issues.  It's really about the toxic level of an office sometimes.  And in order to fix that sometimes, does someone have to go?" said Abrego.

His interview got us thinking about how fun it could be to fire fictional office nuisances we all know and love to hate from contemporary workplace TV shows.  Take a look at five characters we'd like to leave with a pink slip and help us decide who should pack up and go.



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