The proportion of its workforce business software company SAP wants autistic employees to make up by 2020. The company announced today that it will start actively recruiting autistic talent. (BBC)


What you might think of if you were to sink your teeth into pot bacon. A Seattle butcher is feeding marijuana to pigs in order to make the stuff. (KOMO News)


The amount of research money NASA is putting towards the development of 3D printed foods for space. You can see an infographic of how 3D printed pizza might be made here.  (Washington Post)


The percent of doctors and health care providers who are now using electronic medical records, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Starting in 2015, the federal government will start penalizing providers who have yet to switch to digital records as part of the Affordable Care Act. (Wall Street Journal)

$2 billion

The estimated cost of the Oklahoma tornado damage. (AP)

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