Alibaba Founder Jack Ma.
Alibaba Founder Jack Ma. - 
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The Congressional Budget Office estimates the Treasury will report a $112 billion surplus for the month of April. So far in 2013, the federal government is running a deficit $230 billion less than it was last year.

Forty-eight-year-old Jack Ma, founder and CEO of the world's largest e-commerce website, Alibaba, says he's stepping down because he is "a bit old for the internet." The idea that a man who is not yet 50 could be "too old" for any leadership position may strike some as laughable but some analysts say tech entrepreneurship is often a young person's game.

The president will host several women at the White House today to talk about how Obamacare has helped them and their families, just in time for the Mother's Day. It's is just the latest in a week's worth of Affordable Care Act news as the administration gears up the charm offensive to sell health reform to the millions who still don't quite get it.

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