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How many of you have browsed through the SkyMall magazine while taking a flight? The in-flight shopping catalog is the comedy relief of the air and heaven-forbid we go more than a few hours without buying anything. The products are just so bizarre.

Have you noticed the wearable cocoon that allegedly wards off bedbugs or the mouth piece that can cure hiccups? And then there's the kitty litter box shaped like a house plant.

That last product caught the eye of one of our listeners in New York, Lois Weiss. And she wrote to us about it on our Facebook page. What made her want the litter box?

"At the time we were looking to move to a new townhouse and the only place I could figure out to put the cat box was in the entryway of our house because it had a tiled floor and would make it easy to clean up. When I saw this cat box, I was just amazed because it would just work perfectly," says Weiss, who spent $150 on the product


Julia Bensfield Luce is a pseudo-expert on all things SkyMall-related. She's the co-founder of the comedy blog SkyMall Product Review, which takes a humorous look at some of the items sold by SkyMall.

"The best part about SkyMall to me is the photos. I mean, the products in themselves are ridiculous," says Luce.

Bensfield's favorite SkyMall product is the StreetStrider -- a sort of elliptical machine that moves down the street. Cost? $2,099.

"A lot of the humor does come in from the astronomical prices on some of these items -- and some seem worth it. We're tempted once in a while to swing in and make a purchase," says Luce.

Have you bought anything from SkyMall? Leave a comment and let us know. Plus, be sure to take the quiz and test your knowledge on the products SkyMall really sells -- and the ones we made up!

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