The MTGOX exchange, where bitcoin is traded and sold.
The MTGOX exchange, where bitcoin is traded and sold. - 
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The Bitcoin. It's a virtual currency that's traded globally but remains anonymous, and for the most part is beyond the reach of any government. Some people see it as a safe haven. But lately, the market's become extremely volatile, as Marketplace's Sabri Ben-Achour reported on Wednesday's show.

Turns out, we had a Bitcoin investor right within our own office. Bill Lancz, an engineer for Marketplace, has been trading Bitcoin since last year. He tells us about the Bitcoin network, his experiences in the rocky market and why he trusts it.

The last couple of weeks, I saw it start to move with much higher volume and much more quickly than I was used to...over the weekend, I would go to sleep and wake up and 'wow, my Bitcoin is worth $800 more than when I went to bed.'

I sold out yesterday. I put in about somewhere between $1,200-$1,300 -- and in total, I walked away with about $10,000.

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