Part of the Harry's Shave Set.
Part of the Harry's Shave Set. - 
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Most people probably don't stop to consider their razor blades during a morning shave. It's a chore, and a rather tedious one at that.

But Jeff Raider would like you to consider your shave a little more closely. And maybe even buy your shaving equipment from him, online. Jeff helped start Warby Parker, the company that sells eyeglasses online at lower prices than competitors. Shaving's his new thing, at a website called "Harry's."

Raider says the idea for Harry's started when a friend of his had a bad experience buying razor blades and shaving cream at a drug store. The service was terrible and the bill too high. That friend, Andy Katz-Mayfield, became his co-founder and co-CEO at the shaving company they launched earlier this month.

The two spent time designing ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing razor handles and long-lasting blades. They also came up with a line of moisturizer-laden shaving cream. That's the full extent of what you can buy at Harry's.

Raider's not worried about the competition he'll face from more established players in the shaving industry. "Lots of the dynamics that we saw at Warby Parker exists here. It's a big market, it's dominated by a couple of companies, they make huge products and they charge lots and lots of money for products that are difficult to make." But Raider says he can make and sell those products for less than the big boys charge.

So does this make Raider a serial entrepreneur? Raider says he wants to stay focused on his continuing work at Warby Parker and his new gig at Harry's for now.

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