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For IT professionals, Microsoft has invented a holiday -- of sorts. The second Tuesday of every month is the day Microsoft releases the latest batch of security patches for it's software: Patch Tuesday. This week, the company has more than half-dozen security fixes, as cyber threats mount for Microsoft and Apple software.

A horrific series of disasters devastated Japan two years ago today. First an earthquake, then a tsunami and then a nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant. Today's anniversary is being marked with protests against nuclear power in Japan. But can the country sustain a non-nuclear energy policy?

Whatever the science, consumers are jumpy about genetically modified foods. At least they are in Europe. For years, restaurants and grocery stores have trumpeted their products are GMO free. In the U.S., Whole Foods now plans to label products with the GMOs inside. But will our market follow Europe’s lead and shun modified food?

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