The tech-heavy index hasn't been this high in 12 years, but it's tech-bubble days remain the highest heights. - 

The Dow is still in record territory in early trading this morning. The surge comes on the heels of strong jobs data from the Labor Department, which show applications for unemployment benefits have fallen to a five-year low.

As home prices rise, more owners are preparing housing for sale -- and construction companies and building supply chains are hiring again.

And here’s a little mystery, Wall Street style. What gives with the NASDAQ? The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 are at or near historic highs. But the NASDAQ -- the index that tracks mainly tech stocks -- isn’t reaching the same height. It’s true the NASDAQ did reach a 12-year high this week. It’s just nowhere near its historic level. And given the stratospheric height it reached during the 1990’s tech bubble,  some analysts think that’s a long time off.

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