The inside of commentator Scott Huler's man purse.
The inside of commentator Scott Huler's man purse. - 
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It started with ear buds. Actually, it started when receipts and cards stuffed in my wallet caused back pain. Then burgeoning keys and sunglasses made it impossible to pull a handkerchief from my pocket. My phone created enough of a bulge that my guitar didn't fit in my lap. The ear buds -- where do I put those? -- just pushed me over the edge.

I needed a purse.

Used to be, I'd slap my pockets before leaving. Wallet? Keys? Notebook? Let's go. But that was when I had no car and just a single apartment key. That was when I didn't have to hoard restaurant tabs to keep from going to tax court.

Add to that now all the medications, electronica, and personal care items for me and my kids, and even cargo pants offer too little space.

I tried a backpack, a camera bag and a tote, and finally settled on a nice, masculine camping bag that has a handle, a shoulder strap, and about a dozen zippers. It neatly holds my notebooks, e-reader, phone accessories, etc.

I call it the "mojo bag."

But it's created new problems. I'm finding it absorbs its own weight in pamphlets, take-out menus and counter jetsam.

And what if I'm just running out for a second? My usual pocket stuff would do me, but now half of that is in the bag. I've considered less stuff, but... Keys? Phone? Wallet? Notebook? What should I be without?

I wonder if I should switch to a wagon.

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