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We'll bet that if you have a conversation about the Superbowl this morning, it won't be about the Ravens or the commercials you saw. It'll be about the fact that the power went out right in the middle of TV's biggest night. But could that dark moment in football history  turn out to be a bright spot for social media?

The British treasury secretary has given an ultimatum to the country's banks: Obey new rules or be broken up. Should the U.S. do the same?

A new documentary airs tonight on CNBC about one of the riskiest bets out there. It's not a stock, or a bond, or a startup company. It's the business of theater on Broadway. CNBC host Maria Bartiromo joins us for a preview of the program, Betting Big on Broadway.

And finally, San Francisco will not be getting a Superbowl trophy, but it is the beneficiary of a PR stunt by Jell-O, which is offering the city free pudding today. And for fans that don't like Jell-O, the company is offering an app for Google Chrome that will block words and images related to Baltimore with puppies.


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