As Caterpillar posts its fourth quarter earnings this morning, will everything be coming up rainbows?
As Caterpillar posts its fourth quarter earnings this morning, will everything be coming up rainbows? - 
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Quarterly earnings from Caterpillar provide insight about the strength of U.S. exports. It is now illegal to unlock your phone without your provider's permission. And a sister city returns the favor with hurricane relief efforts. 

It's turning into a major week for immigration policy, which has broad impact on workers and companies. Tomorrow, President Obama rolls out his immigration overhaul proposal. Today, a bipartisan group of senators, are also putting forth a plan that's expected to address issues within the legal immigration system and also provide a path to citizenship for the nation's roughly 11 million illegal immigrants.

Among the stocks moving this morning, heavy equipment maker Caterpillar, up 2.2 percent. It's out today with better than expected earnings. We take a look at how the company's fortunes give us insight into construction and mining as well as the broader economy.

Unlocking your phone can give you a feeling of wireless freedom. But a new rule change just in effect over the weekend makes that illegal going forward. Tracey Samuelson reports on what this means for the already rocky relationship between wireless companies and their customers.

Also in the news, big day for Toyota. It now says it sold more than 9-point-7 million cars and trucks last year. That means it is again the world's largest automaker. And after Hurricane Katrina tore through the Gulf Coast, people in Long Beach, New York raised money for Long Beach, Mississippi.Now the Mississippi residents are returning the favor to their New York friends, who are recovering from Hurricane Sandy. They sold barbecue chicken and pork in Mississippi over the weekend to raise money for Sandy victims. Dozens of volunteers young and old pitched in with food, money and hard work.

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