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Selection of Wealth and Poverty stories for Marketplace Dupont Awards submission, June 2013.

1. Houston janitors fight for fair pay in economic boom.  By Krissy Clark.  July 31, 2012

2. From banker to janitor -- all in a day's work. By Krissy Clark.  August 1, 2012

3. Economic mobility in Chicago's projects. By Sylvester Monroe.  August 17, 2012

4. Changing neighborhoods can change your life. By Krissy Clark.  February 13, 2013

5. Beach fire pits spark battle between private interests and public land.  By Noel King.  April 8, 2013

6. Going for a Ride with Chicago's "Raiteros".  By Jeff Tyler and ProPublica.  April 29, 2013

7. Losing "everything" is relative in a tornado. By Krissy Clark.  June 3, 2013