A modern, electricity-producing wind turbine (L) spins near an old and defunct windmill next to a country road on April 23, 2012 near Wittingen, Germany. Germany is investing heavily in renewable energy sources and has hundreds of wind farms across the country.   - 

Energy and environment watchers often group into separate tribes. There are oil and gas brown energy folks, wind and solar green energy types, and environmental advocates. Which makes it hard to ask: can we have both a fracking boom for oil and natural gas, AND a renewable energy surge at the same time?

In this week’s podcast, we run the question by Ethan Zindler, analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a research firm.

Bloomberg NEF recently released a tally of global clean energy investments for 2012. We talk to him about that -- and how it coincided with this growth in shale gas production. And we touch on his firm’s new analysis of wind energy  development in the American market.

And of course, we ask him to pay energy and environment BS detector.

Listen in!

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