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As the year comes to a close, we're looking ahead to 2013. In the last few weeks, we've looked at the way forward for economic policy, the environment, and the markets. So what about health care?

Marketplace health care reporter Dan Gorenstein shares his thoughts on a few pressing questions coming to the fore.

On implementing the Affordable Care Act:

"A top question in my mind is whether the states and the federal government can pull off these so-called health exchanges -- those are the online website where consumers go to shop for insurance...Starting this fall lots of people are going to be buying insurance, many of them for the first time, and they are not even aware of these exchanges, so there has to be a serious advertising campaign. And on top of that, the government wants to make sure the websites are simple enough to make sure that people buy the health insurance plans that make the most financial sense for them."

On controlling health care costs:

"There are lots of efforts underway to control all kinds of costs. Providers and insurers are entering into these contracts where doctors and hospitals are given financial incentives to spend less money. Traditionally the providers are paid for every service they offer -- doctor's visits, MRI's, etc. Under these new contracts the idea is to encourage more coordinated, proactive care. If all that saves money, the doctors and the hospitals keep a portion."

To hear more about what's next in health care, including a new lottery scheme for compliant patients, click on the audio player above.

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