Kai Ryssdal opens his presents from Stephen Dubner.
Kai Ryssdal opens his presents from Stephen Dubner. - 
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For your holiday shopping, how would you like a bit of help from … a bunch of economists? In this Freakonomics Radio segment, Stephen Dubner talks to several economist friends to find out what they like to give (and get) as Christmas gifts. Spoiler alert: economists don’t think like the rest of us. They’re more concerned with “deadweight loss” than Aunt Millie’s feelings. That’s why they write books with titles like "Scroogenomics," and that’s why they sometimes advocate just giving cash.

You’ll hear from economists Steve Levitt, Alex Tabarrok, Justin Wolfers, and Joel Waldfogel -- and you’ll find out what Dubner gives Kai Ryssdal for Christmas this year.