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Are you prepared to face a crisis -- both natural and man-made? Check out this handy resource guide to help you prepare yourself -- and your finances -- as fully as possible. Click to explore. - 

When it comes to natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes -- are you prepared financially?

The answers vary, of course. But many people aren't. Getting the right insurance coverage or taking an inventory of the stuff in your home will help you pick up the pieces if you ever find yourself in the midst of a natural disaster. Three families we interviewed for our special Marketplace Money program this weekend from the Missouri town of Joplin know what it's like. In May 2011, a tornado ripped through their town, killing 161 people and destroying homes and businesses.

And it's not just natural disasters that you should be prepared for. There are plenty of man-made catastrophes that you have to protect yourself against - everything from an economic crisis to personal health emergencies. And the solutions range from smarter investing to creating a living will to staying healthy mentally to saving up for your emergency fund.

These can be tough issues to address, so we've put together a resource guide to help you bulletproof your finances. Click here to explore the resource guide and resize your browser to make it dance.

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