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Jorge Ramos on the candidates, immigration, and the Latino vote

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With just one day to go until Election Day, the candidates are pushing through a marathon travel schedule. Governor Romney is going to Florida, Virginia, Ohio and New Hampshire. President Obama is headed to Wisconsin, Ohio and Iowa. Both candidates are likely to talk about the economy at all stops, but there are a host of other issues at stake in this election, including immigration.

“Latinos have a very difficult choice,” says Univision News anchro Jorge Ramos, who interviewed both candidates this year.

Ramos says although many Latino voters are disappointed in President Obama for falling short on his promise to tackle immigration reform, many still support the president for reelection in the hope he will fight for reform in a second term.

Ramos says only 26 percent of Latinos intend to vote for Romney, who has stated his intention to veto the DREAM act and supports a policy of self-deportation.

While polling shows that the most important issues for Latinos are jobs and the economy, immigration policy is very personal. “More than half of all Latinos in this country over 18 years of age, we were born outside the United States — I was born in Mexico, for instance — so it is immigration, the issue that decides who is with you and who is against you…that’s the importance of immigration in this election.”

Jorge Ramos interviews Mitt Romney for Univision on September 19, 2012

Jorge Ramos interviews Barack Obama for Univision on September 20, 2012


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