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With the government's latest jobs report due out this morning, talk of jobs and the economy will likely rule the day. But there are a host of other issues at stake in this election, including education.

On the issue of college affordability, the Obama administration has focused on federal aid programs, such as increasing funding for the Pell Grant program aimed at helping low income students pay for school. Going forward, President Obama is proposing giving federal grants to colleges that keep costs down.

Governor Romney believes federal aid is partly to blame for driving up college costs -- buoying students to pay ever increasing tuition fees. Romney proposes refocusing Pell Grants on students that need them most, but has not called for cuts to the program.

Despite their differences, the candidates do agree on several K-12 education issues such as increasing teacher accountability based on student performance and upping the number of charter schools. While Obama sees a strong role for the federal government in public education, Romney would like to see states take more control.

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