While much of Philadelphia -- another major city that has found itself in the path of Hurricane Sandy -- remains officially shut down, there are a few signs of life on the streets. - 

Riding around in his white Toyota Avalon in the early morning today makes Michael Dolich feel kind of special.

"I'm about halfway through the run, and I'm going in to do the South Philly deliveries now. There's some croissant in here...feels good to be able to get the bake out. I feel like a postman in the 1800s who made it through the storm."

Dolich says he could have closed just like he did last year during a bad storm, but there's something adventurous about the whole thing. Dolich goes so far as to say what he and his staff are doing is slightly heroic: "The heroism comes in when the other suppliers cancel and then we say, we are going to be there -- it's raining and there's wind. There's a risk involved in it. When you get that Twitter feed that says 'thank you Four World's Bakery for our croissant this morning,' it's nice."
But not too much -- Dolich's biggest inconvenience is a bag of garbage that got stuck in his wheel.

"Other than that, it's been really smooth sailing," he says.

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