The very wealthy have access to lots of things most of us don't -- that's just the way it goes. But what about when it's a matter or life or death? - 

Leslie Michelson is the CEO of Private Health in Los Angeles, Calif. Michelson says the mission of his company is to help people “navigate through the medical maze” to find the best doctors and services for all medical needs. He says this is not something that is easy to do. And it's expensive

Michelson says that he believes these services should be available to everyone, no matter their income.

"I think what we have learned from serving people who have the wherewithal to compensate our services is the fundamental truth for how to navigate the healthcare system that is applicable to everyone" says Michelson. "So what we have done is that we have broken the code and are working very hard on how to reduce our cost to deliver our services, so that we can increasingly provide it to broader proportions of the population."

Michelson argues that the current health care system deprives people of all income levels.

"The capacity to get the best care is not correlated to one’s net worth," says Michelson. "We manage care for some exceptionally wealthy, accomplished and brilliant people and have found that their health care is not different from anyone else’s."

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