Holiday shoppers wait in line outside Toys R' US in New York.
Holiday shoppers wait in line outside Toys R' US in New York. - 
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CORRECTION:  The original version of this story incorrectly spelled the name of a retail strategist. Al Sambar is the correct spelling. The story below has been corrected.

Macy’s and Toys R Us are teaming up for the holidays. Later this month, the giant toy retailer will open 24 pop-up shops in Macy’s stores around the country. Some of the season’s hottest toys, like the Furby -- yes it’s back -- are expected to be available when the mini versions of Toys R Us open. Like so many retailers, Macy’s is looking for ways to boost foot traffic during the holidays, and give shoppers a reason to bypass the internet. “When was the last time you were in a toy store where you didn’t just walk up and down the aisles and say, ‘wow, isn’t that cool,” says Jim Slewzewski, a company spokesperson,“It’s fun.” Al Sambar, a retail strategist with Kurt Salmon, says for these partnerships to lure in shoppers, they have to be creative. He says if shoppers get a better experience on line, or a better price, they’ll  skip right past the store. “The bar on how good the experience has to be in the stores is going up.” But, Sanbar says, as long as stores help solve customers’ problems – they’ll be ok. That means Macy’s may have to figure out how to get around shortages of the little fuzzy Furby beasts.  

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