When there's a new standardized test, it means sleepless nights for parents -- and a new demand for test prep. - 

OK everyone, books away, phones off. Time for a pop quiz. First question is: What now makes up two thirds of a student’s score on New York City’s gifted and talented test?

Oh, so sorry. Time’s up. The NNAT, or Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test will now make up two thirds of a student's score on New York City's gifted and talented test.

Next: Describe a question on the new test, keeping in mind it is non-verbal.

In the back -- Ms. Rheault?

“Umbrella is to rain, as what is to snow?”

An example of a sample NNAT test prep question (TestingMom.com)

That’s correct. Nice work -- Suzane Rheault, CEO of tutoring company Aristotle Circle. Everyone, Ms. Rheault was describing the pictures that will appear in the new test.

Next: What does all this mean for test prep companies? In the front -- Bige Doruk -- CEO of Bright Kids NYC.

“It’s new. Anything that’s new creates more demand for service.”

Correct Ms. Doruk. And, finally, the last question: Who does a new test keep up at night? Stumped? Pencils down everyone. The answer, according to the testing companies, is nervous parents.