A person holds a 99 Percent button at the Occupy Wall Street protest September 17, 2012 on the one-year anniversary of the movement in New York.
A person holds a 99 Percent button at the Occupy Wall Street protest September 17, 2012 on the one-year anniversary of the movement in New York. - 
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The Occupy anniversary: A celebration or a commiseration? One year ago protesters kicked off an extended encampment calling for reform on Wall Street. Today, they are back to mark the occasion. How do traders feel about the movement now?

At a campaign stop in Ohio today, President Obama plans to launch a new trade complaint against China. The administration will file a grievance with the World Trade Organization, saying China unfairly subsidizes exports of car parts.

While we're talking China, the Asian nation is about to make its biggest ever bank acquisition abroad. That's according to the Financial Times, which says China could spend as much as $15 billion buying a bank in Europe.

The Democrats made a lot of noise at their convention about saving the auto industry, and the success of the bailout. Well, according to a piece in this morning's Wall Street Journal, the U.S. Treasury's welcome at General Motors is wearing thin. GM is reportedly pushing for the government to sell most or all of its remaining stake -- currently about a quarter of the company. But the Obama administration seems to be in no hurry to exit.

No school again today in Chicago -- the teachers strike goes on. Teacher evaluation is the major issue. Health care is another sticking point. Teachers want the city to freeze prices on their insurance premiums. The city says OK, but the teachers have to sign on to a wellness program.

And finally, call it efficiency. Call it multitasking.  Or just call it love. When Larry Austin headed to the courthouse in Oklahoma City the other day, he had a few things to get done -- according to the Oklahoman. First, apply for a marriage license -- his girlfriend Dustie was along for the trip. Second, plead guilty to a fire-arm charge. Third, get sentenced for said fire-arms charge. Four years in prison. Fourth: Get married. By the same judge who had just sentenced him. No word on what the bride wore. But the groom wore orange.

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