Disneyworld in Orlando, Fla. agrees to serve beer and wine to patrons -- finally making it truly the happiest place on earth. - 

Two final notes today because they're both great and I couldn't make up my mind which to pick.

First of all, sweet, sweet relief for parents trapped in the seventh circle of Disney World in Orlando, Fla. The Los Angeles Times reports that for the first time in its 41-year history the resort will serve beer and wine in one of its restaurants. Just what you need to take the edge off.

I can confirm from first-hand experience that Disneyland, here in Southern California, has already seen the light.

And, completely unrelated but still amazing, Halliburton (the oil services company) has misplaced a key piece of equipment. The search is on across a 130-mile slice of west Texas for a seven-inch long radioactive probe it uses in fracking (hydraulic fracturing).

The Texas Department of Public Health says if you see it -- the radioactive probe, that is -- it's best not to pick it up. 

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