Well, at least for now. The Samsung Galaxy 3 beat out Apple’s iPhone 4S as the country’s best-selling phone in August. That’s the first time Apple has been beat out of the top spot since the release of the 4S, which came out about a year ago. Now, what could possibly be a contributing factor? How about that Apple is widely expected to announce the next iteration of the iPhone next week? CNET notes:

While the iPhone 4S sales weakened, the Galaxy S3 numbers continue to look strong, further solidifying Samsung's position as the world's largest smartphone vendor and top Android partner.

Have you ever been swimming in the ocean and tried avoid waves crashing on you? The trick to not getting sucked under and tumbled around is to take a deep breath and dive into the base of a wave. Right about now, I’d say we’re standing waist-deep in an ocean of smartphones. And that giant wave on the horizon? That’s the onslaught of phones arriving just in time for the holidays. Now take a deep breath and dive.