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In the future, you may wear your smartphone

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Nokia launches a new smartphone on Wednesday, which will use Microsoft’s new Windows operating system. It’s the last best chance for Nokia to take on Apple, which is expected to launch the next version of the iPhone this month.

For a glimpse into the mobile future we caught up with Brian Chen to find out what’s coming next for mobile phones. He writes for the New York Times Bits Blog and is the author of “Always On: How the iPhone unlocked the anything, anytime, anywhere future.”

“I think right now touch screens are really big,” Chen said. “But for the future I think Google gives us a good clue as to what we should expect with the glasses and the whole idea of wearable computing, the connected body.

“This idea of wearing glasses and being able to see data as we walk around is where I think things are heading,” Chen added. And once the interface for glasses is less intrusive, he noted, the potential use cases are wide open.

“Say you were giving a speech,” he said. “Glasses could serve as a teleprompter.”

While the future looks bright for smart glasses, the smartphone still has room for improvement, and that’s what we’re seeing in the latest devices from Apple and Google. Listen to the full interview for more.

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