Obama beer
President Barack Obama (C) gets a beer and a pork chop as he visits the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa, on August 13, 2012 during an unannounced stop on his three-day campaign bus tour. - 

This final note today, a sly bit of Democratic politicking while the GOP meets in Tampa.

President Obama was on the website Reddit today, doing a regular feature of theirs called Ask Me Anything. And boy, people did. Serious and not.

"In what ways will you attempt to make university a more affordable path for students?" was one. "Do you enjoy a good piece of bacon on everything?" was another. "What is your least favorite state in the U.S.A.?" Don't think he answered that one. "How do you stay in touch with your family when you're campaigning so often?"

And my personal favorite: "Will you release the White House beer that has been brewed during your administration for public consumption?"

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