Amazon launches cloud based archiving, declares war on tape

John Moe Aug 21, 2012

You know that big room somewhere at your company with the huge banks of magnetic tape? The room where they back up all the data from the company? The room where you’re probably not supposed to go in?

Yeah, well, Amazon wants to get rid of that room. Amazon wants to replace the data archiving at your company and, ideally, ALL companies with a cloud based archiving system called Glacier. Amazon launched it yesterday.

Because if there’s one thing that’s completely reliable and permanent these days, it’s glaciers! Yes sir, those things are rock solid and totally NOT breaking away from ice shelves and melting and causing chaos. NICE WORK ON THE NAME, AMAZON GENIUSES.

Storing data and maintaining the equipment to do so can get expensive.

From the Register:

Enter Amazon, with its disk and server-based system and pay-as-you-go consumption. Glacier starts at $0.01 per gigabyte for a month, with further charges for data requests and transfers. Amazon says customers get 5 per cent of retrievals free each month.
The new product builds not just on Amazon’s S3 for cloud storage system, but also the AWS Storage Gateway that connects on-premise SANs and ports their contents to S3. Storage Gateway was launched by Amazon in January this year.

Dude, you’re TOTALLY getting that office where the data archiving used to be.

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