Actor Wendell Pierce is bringing a chain of fresh food grocery stores to New Orleans. - 

Loyal listeners may remember a few months ago we chatted with actor Wendell Pierce, about a new line of grocery stores he was planning to open in the Crescent City. Fresh food can be a rare or at least expensive commodity in some lower-income neighborhoods. Pierce, perhaps best-known for his roles in HBO's "The Wire" and "Treme," wants to change that.

Since April, Pierce has opened a few pilot convenience stores and also had a community event where 500 families received free groceries.

"Our focus is going to be on affordability and customer service," Pierce told Vigeland. "I know that the community will respond to that. And it will lead to what I know can happen, where we can do well and do good all at the same time."

He said the recovery is alive and well in the Big Easy, although a little uneven. Pierce said he is hopeful that the city will come together to bring opportunity to both ends of Canal Street.

Take a listen to the audio above for more updates about his grocery chain and his acting work.

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