Listen To The Story

If you’ve been following our ReMarket podcasts, you’ve heard from a lot of our hosts, producers, senior editors, our reporters. This week, we peek into the world of a few of our future newsmen and women for the Marketplace Intern Report.

We start in L.A. with two of our interns, Liyna Anwar and Jefferson Yen, who talk about the challenges of getting sources for all of the Marketplace shows -- from chasing lifeguards across a sandy beach with recording equipment to waking people up at the crack of dawn to comment on breaking economic news.

Then we head to the bureaus to hear about some of the stories that our D.C. intern, Andrew Parsons, and our New York bureau intern Jackie Guzman, have helped contribute to over on the right coast (left coast? Eh, whatever.)

Plus, we head to New Jersey for an interview about the similarities between baseball and financial regulations, then hear from one Palestinian woman who is using radio to help encourage more women around her to enter the workforce.

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Songs played: "True Affection," The Blow; "Please, Please Please," Fiona Apple; "Dancing With Myself," Billy Idol; "No One’s Better Sake," Little Joy