Okay, sure, why not. Of course Twitter can have original video entertainment content. That’s what Ad Week says may very well be on the way:

The San Francisco, Calif.-based company, along with multiple Hollywood producers and network execs, are in serious talks about the possibility of launching several original video series via Twitter, according to sources. One project in particular could debut this year, potentially as early as the fall, said sources with knowledge of the discussions. Twitter, they said, has been actively pitching a select group of advertisers on a video series that would live on Twitter and enable users to participate in real time in some fashion.

So we would see tweets or maybe little ads with links on them that you would click to see these episodes of ... something... play on your screen. Maybe there’s a hash tag on there and you can comment on what’s happening. Sounds a little dippy, I know, but it’s not all that different from the enormous group discussion that happens around events like the Oscars. Difference there, of course is that the Oscars are already hugely popular and you know that people will get what you’re talking about. And it’s going to matter, of course, if the shows are any good. If not, all the social media strategy in the world won’t matter. 

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