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Father knows best

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Tess Vigeland: Our little blue plastic friend is heading to Honolulu! Oh, to be a PIG! Well he’s on his way to Carol Whitney’s house. She wrote to us about the best financial advice she ever got, from a dad. Not her dad — Ross and Monica’s dad on “Friends.”

Herewith, the clip she says has guided her from the moment she saw it on season two in 1996.

Monica Geller: I’m no longer at my job. I had to leave it.

Judy Geller: Why?

Monica: Because they made me.

Judy: You were fired? What are you gonna do?

Jack Geller: Judy, Judy relax. This is our little Harmonica that we’re talking about. We taught her well. Ten percent of your paycheck! Where does it go?

Monica and Ross Geller: In the bank.

Jack: There ya go. So she dips into her savings; that’s what it’s there for! She’s gonna be fine. Aren’t you sweetie?

Monica: In the bank.

Thanks to Jack Geller — and apparently no thanks to Monica — Carol says she is financially secure and sees a bright future ahead for herself. Because of this, Piggy approves of all sitcom references to savings and looks forward to his trip to the islands.

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