Prices are on the rise, KFOD News Team's senior price reporter Ryan Perez investigates.
Prices are on the rise, KFOD News Team's senior price reporter Ryan Perez investigates. - 
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Kai Ryssdal: "The Dark Knight" isn't the only thing rising this weekend. The cost of tickets are going up too.

We sent the news team from the online comedy site Funny Or Die to find out what's to blame.

Ryan Perez: While some so-called experts blame inflation, KFOD looked into the matter, and it turns out, the reason for this is much simpler -- movies are getting better and better.

What you’re hearing right now is the sound of a silent film from 1902. It's only 11 minutes, really scratchy and contains virtually no CGI characters. It’s hard to even justify paying one bit, let alone two.

On the other hand, upcoming summer blockbuster "Step Up: Revolution" is an impressive 1 hour and 37 minutes, has a glorious 5.1 Dolby surround sound mix, and very few scratches on the film.

We interviewed a few local moviegoers who agreed, in the movie game, you pay what you get for.

Perez: Why do you think this movie, "The Dark Knight," costs more than, say, an old Charlie Chaplin flicker show in it's day?

Moviegoer #1: Who's Charlie Chaplin?

Moviegoer #2: Charlie Chaplin? Yeah he's kinda funny but those movies don't have dubstep.

Moviegoer #3: Probably just inflation.

Because unlike in the music world, these oldies aren't goodies. So instead of putting the blame on current movies, put some of the blame on boring old ones.

You can watch more videos from the Funny or Die KFOD news team here. Or watch another one of our favorites:

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