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Family feuds coming courtesy of AT&T

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This morning AT&T announced it’s shaking up its pricing structure a little. Starting in August the company will offer a shared data plan, similar to that announced by Verizon last month. Verizon, better known at MTR as “John,” promptly responded with this (totally fictional) quote: “The only thing you done was Yesterday.”

AT&T calls its plan Mobile Share, which will allow users to mix and match up to 10 devices on shared data. If you choose the new service, you’ll get unlimited texts and calling minutes (mostly because nobody makes calls there are a bazillion free calling and texting apps out there already) At least one of the devices needs to be a smartphone. CNET breaks down the tiers:

The plans begin with a 1GB option that costs $40, but there’s a $45 monthly fee to connect each smartphone. Options include a $70 4GB plan with a $40 smartphone fee, and a $90 6GB plan with a $35 fee. The higher end $120 10GB plan, $160 15GB plan, and $200 20GB plan all have a $30 smartphone fee.
If you go over the limit, each additional gigabyte is $15.

Sounds a little complex, but if I have the math right, here’s how much two adults with a texting teen might expect to pay for 2GB each.
6GB plan: $90
Three smartphones: $35 each
One tablet: $10
Total, before taxes, fees, and that $45 for little Timmy’s cat video marathon he hosted in the school cafeteria: $135.
If you’re happy with your plan, AT&T says you can stick with it. And if you want to switch, you won’t be asked to sign a new contract.

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