Listen To The Story

Last week we asked you to write in and pass on any nuggets of financial wisdom you've gleaned from grandparents over the years. We got dozens of responses on Twitter, on Facebook and e-mail.

Some of those were touching, some were blunt, almost all were useful. So we called a few of you up, and asked you to share.

Josette Cassiere: My name is Josette Cassiere and I live in Boger City, La. My husband's grandfather gave us the three rules for a happy marriage. Number one, never live with in-laws. Number two, never buy anything on credit. And number three, as soon as you realize you can't pay a debt that you owe, contact your creditor and explain the situation and then make arrangements to reduce the payment or delay the payment. Do this before you miss your payment.

Richard Becker: Richard Becker, Madison, Wisc. Mima inspired me to be a flinty, parsimonious New Englander. Her mantra was "Use it up, wear it out, make do without."

George Patrick McLeer: George Patrick McLeer from Greenville, S.C. The best piece of financial advice that my grandparents gave me, "Money isn't important; who you help is."

Polly Carolin: This is Polly Carolin, I'm from Las Vegas, Nev. The best piece of financial advice I got from my grandparents was "You watch the nickels and dimes and the dollars roll along by themselves."

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