A lonely Galapagos tortoise.
A lonely Galapagos tortoise. - 
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Today, we're talking seniors. A group we're all going to hear a whole lot about in the next decades. The census is betting the numbers of people over 65 is gonna double in the next 30 years. To start us off -- we thought we'd get a quick hit of the headlines affecting seniors from the newest member of our New York bureau, senior reporter Mark Garrison.

Garrison talked to host Adriene Hill about a Bowling Green State University study that showed that the divorce rate among Americans over-50 have doubled over the last two decades. And perhaps reinforcing the trend, Adriene shared the news of the break up of two tortoises who've been together for 115 years.

Also some fun advice for older women: Drink more wine. Another study shows that moderate -- again, moderate -- wine drinking may lower the risk of osteoperosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Take a listen to the audio above to learn more about the divorce trend and wine-drinkign and women's bones.

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