A general view of the skyline of downtown Dallas, Texas.
A general view of the skyline of downtown Dallas, Texas. - 
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CNBC has come out with its annual ranking of the best states for business.

And number one this year is Texas, thanks in part to the state's infrastructure and low cost of living.

Last year's top state was Virginia, which lost its ranking in part because of its clogged highways, which make it difficult for
people to get to work quickly.

California and Massachusetts tied as the best states for a business to access capital.

And even though it was only ranked 19th overall, New Hampshire was number one on the quality of life list.

2012 Best States to Do Business

1. Texas

2. Utah

3. Virginia

4. North Carolina

5. North Dakota

6. Nebraska

7. South Dakota

8. Colorado

9. Georgia

10. Wyoming

To see a full list of the best states for business overall, as well as the rankings broken down by access to capital, business friendliness, workforce, and more, head here.

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