In honor of the club vibe at the Belly Up in Aspen, where we're airing live, listen to a little stand-up comedy. - 

Since Marketplace is airing live at the Belly Up in Aspen, we thought we'd keep with the club vibe of the place and break for a little stand-up comedy. We've got jokes from our broadcast in Aspen. Plus, extra jokes just for your ears -- from writer John Flowers, stand-up comedian Jeremy Essig, comedian Ryan Sickler from the CrabFeast podcast on the Fake Mustache Studios Network, writer and comedian Lizzy Cooperman, and writer Kate Hahn.

Here's one of the jokes: "The economy is so bad rapper 50 cent changed his name to 10 cent. Do you get it? It's 40 cent  less." And one from Kate Hahn: "I'm so broke that instead of using cosmetic blusher to add color to my cheeks, I just think embarassing thoughts all day."

Take a listen to the audio above to hear the rest of the jokes. And send us your own -- leave a comment.