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Keeping up with the HENRYs

Get ready for the latest acronym to describe the American household: HENRYs or "high earners, not rich yet." Maybe you've heard some others? DINKs - double income, no kids, or SITCOMs -- single-income, two children and oppressive mortgage. Marketplace listeners suggest a few more.

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Keeping up with the HenrysHenrys -- High Earners, Not Rich Yet - account for 40 percent of U.S. consumer spending. But just when the economy needs them, Henrys are...
Yesterday we introduced you to the HENRYS (high earner, not rich yet) http://bit.ly/M1SiAc Today, you shared your acronyms. RT time!Marketplace
@MarketplaceAPM I am an ANOMALY: African-American No-kids Optimistic-about My-Mortgage Average Lifestyle Yuppie.Chad Robinson
@marketplaceapm im a sissi. Single income supporting spouse's interestsShannon Leary Reiter
@MarketplaceAPM lifer - low income, frugal, ever retire?Nick Hillis
@MarketplaceAPM economic acronym - ETHAN - Entrepreneur Taking His Action Now http://www.smithfly.net/Ethan Smith
@MarketplaceAPM BELTS: Basically enough. Living totally simple.L Davis
@MarketplaceAPM NOSH: No Income, Still Hoping; more abt them in DW Gibson's NOT WORKING: http://bit.ly/MoDN8l @americanotwrkng @PenguinPbksPenguin Classics
@MarketplaceAPM For the 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring daily...they're NOPES:No personal savingsNo pensions, social securityNo prayersDebbie Mercer Cifone
@MarketplaceAPM here's one from the meeting: FIONA: Fudge, I Own No Assets! @fngPaddy Hirsch
@KaiRyssdal @MarketplaceAPM What's the acronym for "Healthy 65 yr old unemployed bald white guy who doesn't want to retire" ? ;-)R.E. Buzz Brindle
@MarketplaceAPM Decent income, Not oppressed.劉煒 (Wy)
@MarketplaceAPM LIPS (Low Income Perpetually Sad)J to the what?
@MarketplaceAPM. Dual incomes, never go out. DINGO = savers.Matt
@MarketplaceAPM DINE dual income never enoughGood Enough
@MarketplaceAPM Master of Arts, Infinite Debt. :/james
@MarketplaceAPM That makes me a MAID, btw, in more ways than one.james
@pdxwy @MarketplaceAPM Empty Refrigerator, Runnin' on Ramen.Gary L. Ellenbolt
ERRR RT @gellenbolt @pdxwy @MarketplaceAPM Empty Refrigerator, Runnin' on Ramen.Marketplace
@MarketplaceAPM @gellenbolt You meant ERRoR. That said, closer to Attending School, Parent Supported. d:劉煒 (Wy)
@MarketplaceAPM OINKone income, no kidsKenton Hansen
HAGGLE - Hired After Graduation. Got Lucky Everyone. @MarketplaceAPMGP
@MarketplaceAPM MILES (Multiple Income Low Earning Student) two jobs and full time student making ends meetJ to the what?
@MarketplaceAPM LIPS (Low Income Perpetually Sad)J to the what?
@MarketplaceAPM I'm SINK: Single Income, No Kids. Alas, the only full sink is the one w dishes in it. (mine)clearydome
@MarketplaceAPM I'm RICH: Rolling In Cat HairAndrew Neal
@MarketplaceAPM OINK (Zero Income No Kidding)Trudi Davis
@MarketplaceAPM MISSMiddle Income Scared S...lessRob Kealey
@MarketplaceAPM what about the "LETS"? Low Earner Totally Screwed. Where's our story? :)Mike Porch
@MarketplaceAPM I'm a DILDO. Dual Income, Limitless Debt, Oops!Jackson Cheese
for this one we'll leave out the acronym MT @JacksonCheese @MarketplaceAPM I'm a Dual Income, Limitless Debt, Oops!Marketplace
@MarketplaceAPM we are DINKs over here! (and proud)categio
@categio @marketplaceapm Here Here. DINKs 4 Life.Alex Jokela

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