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Robert Gladden: I will say to you that I wasn't the best of parent on earth, because I was really involved with my work. And I kind of left that to the wife. If I think about it now, I might've done some things differently. As a grandfather, I'm a lot more doting and I find a lot more time, 'cause I have a lot more time.

Josh Barnes: I get home and I get the most ecstatic "Daddy's home!" And you know, it doesn't matter what happened in that day, it just is a wonderful way to be received. She is so excited to see me and it just means a lot. I often think back to when we had left the hospital for the first time with my daughter in the car. I don't think I ever drove more carefully in my entire life. It's become a lot more routine, it becomes part of just who you are, so I kinda don't remember life before kids.

Robert Gladden of Los Angeles and Josh Barnes from Fredericksburg, Va.